The Value of Free Speech and Broad Perspectives - A panel discussion

01-17-2020 10:46 AM

This panel discussion, moderated by Karen Bantel and featuring U-M scholars will focus on:

-free speech and how it impacts our society
-how to talk across the divide
-barriers to listening, especially our emotional reactions

Featuring:  Jack Bernard, U-M Associate General Counsel, Anne Berg, Lecturer, U-M History Department, and Loraleigh Keashly, Professor, Communication, College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts, Wayne State University.

OLLI members are dedicated to learning, but in our complex world it’s hard to separate the real information from the noise, making us polarized around political issues. This panel discussion will help us unravel these barriers by helping us appreciate the value of a broader and more receptive perspective, the critical role played by free speech, and how we can productively engage others.



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