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How One Person Can Change an Entire Company

Michigan Ross Professor Emeritus Robert Quinn highlights the power of individual action in his piece in the Harvard Business Review. January 10, 2020. #5-15minutes #Business #web-article #MichiganRoss #Business #Career #Leadership

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Why Mentoring Matters

School of Public Health Dean DuBois Bowman speaks with Georgia State University on how mentoring has personally impacted his life and why mentoring is particularly important for minority students. December 10, 2019. #15-30-mins #PublicHealth #podcast #SchoolofPublicHealth #Society #Health/Wellness #PublicHealth #Leadership #Featured #FeaturedSociety ​​

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The Impact New Leaders Have on Culture

Front line leaders are critical for bringing the culture of an organization to life. New Leaders entering an organization on the front-line are key to ensuring that associates can see the culture alive within them. December 19, 2019. #5mins #AlumniAssociation #web-article #Career #Business #Leadership #Featured #FeaturedCareer ​​

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Veteran, Author, and CEO Mike Erwin Shares How Solitude Can Make You A Better Leader

U-M Alumni Mike Erwin shares at the first ever Michigan Leadership Collaboration how solitude can make you a better leader, based on his book "Lead Yourself First." November 11, 2019. # #Business #web-article #SangerLeadershipCenter #Society #Leadership #MikeErwin ​​​​​​​

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Strategic Leaders Program

Make better decisions under pressure, navigate complex problems more effectively, develop talent more deliberately, tackle fierce conversations, and lead with more creativity, inspiration, and intensity. Join a peer group of experienced leaders from diverse industries to explore the critical components of effective senior-level management. You’ll learn how to assess your strategy vis-á-vis your competitors and use those insights to drive results. Hone your executive presence, judgment, and...

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The Positive Leader

Positive leaders deliver extraordinary results. They inspire others because their personal leadership style is aligned with their values. This program will help you develop a vision for your leadership and build a tool kit of positive business practices to create an engaged and thriving organization. The week culminates in peer-based work sessions, guided by an executive coach, to help you develop a solution to your most pressing leadership challenge. This program includes post-program...

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Emerging Leaders Program

Accelerate your success in this intense, 5-day program focused on foundational leadership skills. Build your executive presence, elevate your decision-making skills, and gain confidence coaching others and leading change. Test and develop your skills through peer-to-peer and team-based exercises, assessments, live case studies, and personal coaching. Who Should Attend: High-potential, early- to mid-level leaders with three to ten years of experience. Managers preparing for next-level...

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Leading High Performing Teams

The most successful leaders have the skills to inspire their teams, navigate organizational politics, and use influence to clear the path for their teams. This requires the ability to play many roles: coach, ambassador, innovator, and more. In this program, you’ll uncover your strengths through targeted assessments and action-based exercises and learn to implement new strategies. This program also features post-course follow-up and faculty coaching. Who Should Attend: Early to mid...

Inspirational Leadership Summit

The goal of the Inspirational Leadership Summit is to help you gain skills to lead in a digital future, inspire others and deliver results by building a culture of happiness, engagement and connection. The summit has an amazing lineup of more than 35 world-class leadership experts and thought leaders sharing their best strategies and practical tools to help you enhance your leadership toolkit and become an inspirational future-ready leader. You’ll learn from top leadership experts...

 11-05-2019 12:00 AM - 11-07-2019 11:59 AM ET

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How to Survive a “Ghost” Leadership Workplace

U-M Alumni Association preferred career coach Shahnaz Broucek discusses "ghost" leadership in the workplace, how to identify if you are working for a "ghost" leader and how to thrive in this type of environment. August 15, 2019. #<5min #AlumniAssociation #web-article #Career #Business #Leadership