Distinguished Leader Certificate Program

08-14-2019 10:11 AM

By completing a series of programs, you earn the Michigan Ross Distinguished Leader Executive Certificate.

Choose the programs that best suit your learning goals and attend them at your own pace — either in quick succession or over a period of years. After participating in a total of four programs,* you will receive a certificate naming you a Michigan Ross Distinguished Leader.

*As a general rule, one program qualifies for one credit, and four programs qualify for a certificate. However, programs that are longer than one week qualify for multiple credits. Please note that the word “credit” does not refer to academic credit toward degree programs.


  • Receive a scholarship for life for Michigan Ross Executive Education Programs

  • Develop your knowledge and skills for today’s — and tomorrow’s — business landscape

  • Interact with experts and build a global peer network

  • Boost your resume to position yourself for advancement

  • Provide incentives and support for developing your team members and colleagues


  • Retain high-potentials by investing in their development

  • Empower individuals and teams to bring new ideas to your firm

  • Apply advanced research and proven tools to your toughest challenges

  • Build a sustainable, productive business culture

  • Gain progressive cost savings as participants work toward completion


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