Everybody Lies

08-12-2019 02:17 PM

Author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former Google data scientist, lecturer at the Wharton Business School, and NY Times opinion writer, draws this conclusion in the title book. He analyzed data derived from bits of information left on Google, social media, dating, and even porn sites, that reveal people’s personal truths. He maintains that Internet searches done in private and social media postings reveal what folks really think and that people lie to friends, lovers, surveys – even themselves. The author covers inner feelings on topics such as prejudice, hate, sex, abortion, how we fill our time, our Facebook friends, our communities, and many other subjects. He then covers what Big Data does well, does poorly, and what it should and shouldn’t be used for. We will read and discuss this book. The first session will cover the Foreward and Introduction (p. xi - 24).

Gerry Lapidus has lead over 50 OLLI book discussion groups on topics such as social science, politics, and religion.


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