Gerrymandering: Rejecting the Obvious

08-12-2019 10:12 AM

Now that it’s clear that efforts to deal with gerrymandering cannot be litigated in federal court, the question is whether state independent 
redistricting commissions are the best approach to the problem.  Another approach would be to adopt a state-wide list system of proportional representation, as described in Bob Davidow’s recent article in the Wayne Law Review.  With a state-wide system, there would be no district line to draw -- hence no gerrymandering. The proposed system would not only reduce the amount of money needed for election, but also reduce the influence of the wealthy and well-connected.  Demographic changes would not affect the operation of the system. An independent redistricting commission would do none of these things. Bob Davidow is Professor of Law (retired) from George Mason University. He is the author of Response to Gerrymandering.

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